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Halloumi 28cm Isabelle Collection Limited Edition Mohair Mouse no 132

By Charlie Bears

Regular price $225.95

 One of three adorable mice in this years mohair collection..all named after their favourite food.

The final one to make her appearance "Halloumi" has been created using the finest mohair in a blend of multi tonal shades of breadcrumb golds and cobweb creams.

She is fully jointed and has oversized paws with additional tickly toe detailing.

With tiny eye whites to create Charlie's signature "who me?" look, a long smooth tail, and hand placed tiny whiskers either side of her baby pink embroidered nose.

Finished with a tiny lace collar and small pendant. A very pretty little mouse who you won't mind having in your house !

A numbered Limited Edition Bear. There are only 300 Pieces Worldwide.

Designer Isabelle Lee Co-designer Charlotte Morris

Recommended for Collectors 14 years and above.