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Muffin 2019 Charlie Bears New Arrival Collectable Plush Teddy Bear

By Charlie Bears

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Muffin 2019 Charlie Bears 32cm Plush Collectable Teddy Bear

"Folklores & Fables " Collection.

Charlie loves creating bear friendships and often creates two little characters that have most certainly been designed to go together. Bakewell and Muffin are two such bears !

Muffin has been created in a vibrant blueberry tipped and dairy cream coloured plush... inspired by one of Charlie's favourite cakes ! and part of her Guilt free treats Mini-Series.

An adorable little fully jointed bear with sculptured paw pads, a hand trimmed muzzle and added eye whites to create Charlie's signature "who me ?" look.

She is wearing a small shoestring necklace with a key to your heart pendant.

Launch 2019

Designer: Isabelle Lee
Co- Designer Charlotte Morris

Recommended for Collectors aged 3 and above.

Being handmade no two are exactly the same which makes these beautiful bears extra special and unique.