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Jabberwocky 2024 Signature Collection Pre-Order

By Charlie Bears

Regular price $333.95

Jabberwocky 46cm Limited Edition 2024 Signature Collection.

A numbered Limited Edition of 750 pieces worldwide.

Please Note : This fabulous character is not in stock and is available for pre-order only. 

Listed as QTR 4 on CB's production schedule, this character is therefore likely to arrive sometime between November & February 2025 however this is an estimate only.

Charlie Bears Signature Collection was first released in 2022 & in 2024 the 4 new additions in this bespoke collection are once again characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Made from the finest plush fabrics, each character is a numbered limited edition of only 600 pieces worldwide.

Suitable from 14 years and over, they are made from the finest Plush fabrics each with exquisite accessories including tailored outfits.

Signature Collection characters are highly collectable Numbered Limited Editions, and each character comes with their own Signature Collection drawstring Bag.