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Pre-Order Terms and Conditions & Information

2023 / 2024 Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Lovely Bears remains focused on selling "In Stock" Bears so you can place your order sound in the knowledge that your special purchase isn't too far away. Indeed many of our collectors prefer not to pre-order so they can see which bear chooses them ! and what they really look like in the fur so to speak.

We do however understand that many collectors value being able to pre-order new release Limited Editions to guarantee that they won't miss out on a most wanted and potentially very hard to find Collectable Bear. In the past we have experienced some limited edition characters being fully pre-ordered within the first day of the launch.

With this in mind in Lovely Bears will be offering a small selection of Limited Edition Pieces only for Pre-Order in 2023 / 2024 with a $100 deposit which is Non Refundable if you cancel your pre-order. 

A portion of our Limited Edition Charlie Bears, Merrythought, Clemens Bears & Steiff Bears will be made available for Pre-Order as each of our suppliers New Collections are officially released. 

All Limited Edition pieces we have available for pre-order will be featured under the Pre-Order Section of our website after our suppliers Official release dates. All other characters & store stock will be made available to purchase via our Website when they are actually "In Stock" and these will be sold on a first come first served basis. We do not take Wish Lists.

Please, do not place a Pre-Order if you are unsure or you are not prepared to wait. Recently some Charlie Bears in particular have been arriving 12 to 18 months later than expected and we have not always been able to rely on Charlie Bears delivery schedule.

We have also allocated some Limited Edition Characters to our Online Store and as such will not be making our entire allocation of Limited Editions available for pre-order. Our Store stock of Limited Edition pieces will be randomly listed for sale as they arrive throughout the year and sold on a first come first served basis. To be completely fair no Wish Lists will be taken or preferential treatment given to anyone for our Store Stock.

We hope by reserving some of our Limited Edition pieces for our Online Store that our customers who prefer to select their bear will have the chance of stumbling across a most wanted character throughout the year. Available to purchase in real time with no delays, a preferable option for collectors who like to choose and for collectors who enjoy the thrill of the chase ! Of course as demand often exceeds supply for Limited Editions by choosing not to a pre-order there is always a possibility of missing out. Indeed many limited edition characters are sold out within days and sometimes even hours of the launch however as many collectors will attest to, bears often have a way of finding you if it's meant to be.

We are usually unable to offer a choice on a pre-ordered limited edition characters due to the very low numbers we receive. All pre-orders therefore have to be based on the supplier image and being handmade slight variances are to be expected and subtle changes in colours, fabrications and accessories may occur between the supplier catalogue image and the final product. As Limited Editions are also often supplied to us one at a time our pre-orders will be filled in chronological order and therefore not all of our customers will receive their pre-order at the same time.  

Charlie Bears Secrets Collection : As an official Charlie Bears Paw Store we also hope to receive some of Charlie Bears Secrets Collection pieces throughout the year however, these are subject to availability from Charlie Bears who also decide when we receive them. We are therefore unable to take Pre-Orders or Wish Lists for any of the Secrets Collection bears but will let our mailing list know as they arrive. We do not receive any CB Sneaky Peeks & Cuddle Time Show characters.                                           .

2023 / 2024 Pre-Order Terms and Conditions
    • You can locate our Pre-Order Category via the Homepage Menu and you will find any bears we still have available for pre-order in this section of our website.
    • Our Pre-Order process has been customised so you can place your pre-order and pay our $100 pre-order deposit per character via our Online payment gateway.
    • Please Note : Bears are not considered “sold" or yours until the deposit checkout process has been completed. Adding a bear to your cart or receiving a deposit invoice does not reserve it so it’s very important to checkout quickly and complete the deposit payment to secure your pre-order and avoid missing out.
    • A $100 deposit per pre-order character is required at the time of placing your pre-order with the balance and postage due strictly within 7 days of your pre-order arrival. We do not accept pre-order cancelations and your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel your pre-order.
    • Please add to your address book to ensure you receive the balance invoice which will be emailed to you upon arrival. ( this will prevent our important communications about your pre-order from going to you spam or junk folder) It is also imperative that you notify us of any changes to your email address or phone number throughout the year. 
    • If the balance payment isn't received within 7 days of being notified of the arrival of your pre-order we reserve the right to cancel your pre-order, apply our pre-order cancellation fees / policy and re offer the item for Sale.
    • Cancellation Policy. Please choose carefully when committing to a pre-order. Pre-order Deposits are non refundable. Should you cancel a pre-order for any reason the $100 deposit will be forfeited to cover our considerable pre-order administration costs, re-stocking fees, non refundable financial institution fees etc. Cancelling multiple pre-orders could also preclude customers from placing a pre-order with us the following year.
    • Pre-order Postage : If placing more than one pre-order postage will be applied to each dispatch as your pre-orders become available. We are happy to combine postage when bears are in stock and can be posted together. Postage costs will also be approximately $15 higher than our standard postage rates for all Limited Edition Bears to cover the cost of postal insurance which we feel is important given the high value of these precious parcels.

    • In the interest of being fair to all collectors a limit of one per customer per character applies to Limited Edition Bears. If a pre-order is received with multiple quantities of the same Limited Edition Bear the additional quantities will be cancelled and refunded ( reducing the pre-order to a QTY of 1 )

    • All pre-order decisions have to be based on the supplier image and we are unable to offer a choice for limited edition pre-orders. Slight variances are to be expected and embraced. Being handmade no two are identical and each handmade characters has it's own unique personality. 
    • We have no influence on Charlie Bears Worldwide distribution process. Unfortunately we are unable to give you Charlie Bears delivery updates throughout the year as Charlie Bears will not provide us with this information. Charlie Bears production schedule is a guide only and subject to change. As Charlie Bears does not provide us with delivery updates  you will only hear from us when your CB pre-order actually arrives. In some cases you may have to wait more than 12 months for your pre-order to arrive and we cannot guarantee pre Christmas delivery for any of the bears listed for production in the third & fourth Quarter of the Year.
    • It is also very likely you will see your pre-ordered Charlie Bears available in other countries or on other sales channels before ours arrive. We have no influence on Charlie Bears distribution process and stockists do not necessarily receive their full allocation or the same bears at the same time. We trust our customers to be patient, sound in the knowledge that by placing a pre-order with Lovely Bears you won’t miss out and will receive your precious bear as soon as we do. 
    • Please don’t place a pre-order if you are not prepared to wait for our stock to arrive. We also don't recommend placing a pre-order for special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas etc as we simply can't guarantee the chosen bear will be supplied to us by any given date.
    • We are unable to accept progress payments or the balance payment until your pre-order arrives so it's important to budget for the arrival of pre-orders. If you feel you may not have funds readily available when your pre-order arrives we recommend purchasing our Online Gift Cards throughout the year which can then be used towards the final payment. Final payments can be made via PayPal, Credit Card, Gift Card or Pay Pal Pay in 4 for eligible PayPal customers.
    •  AFTERPAY is not available on the full amount of a pre-order as we only take a $100 deposit at the time of placing your pre-order.

    • We don't usually accept pre-orders for Charlie Bears Plush & Bearhouse Bears Collection. The characters from these collections will be listed for sale as they arrive throughout the year. We have ordered them all !!! and hope to spoil you for choice with lots of lovely pictures so you can choose exactly who you will receive, or perhaps see who pick's you ? 
    • As we have reserved some ( but not all ) Limited Edition Stock for our Online Store to be listed upon arrival, if our Pre-Order allocation is Full / Sold Out the Bear you are searching for might still make an appearance in our store throughout the year and much like a treasure hunt you may just be the lucky customer to find one !!!. 
  • Please be sure to subscribe to our Online Mailing List if you would like to receive our Special Offers & New Arrivals updates throughout the year or follow us on FaceBook : The Lovely Bear Store. Lovely Bears Collectable Teddy Bears.