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Lovely Bears are happy to confirm we have ordered all of the paw-some bears and characters in Charlie Bears 2022 "The Pawtrait Gallery Collection" Collectors Catalogue.

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Due to arrive in 2022. From 2021 Keeper Of Secrets Collection :) Darwin, Pampas,Tasmania, Bao Bao, Buck, Forest, Haystacks, Lantern, Lockmaster, Mimosa & Africa, Screech.

Due to arrive throughout 2022 from The Pawtrait Gallery Collection : ) Berlin, Chester, Australia, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, London, Edinburugh, San Diego, Houston,Teensy Weensy, Minnie, Itsy Bitsy, Jules, Pander, Shirley, Ronan, Zane, Bernie, Beverley, Pikelet, Derek, Cwtch, Coorie, Zach, Knox, Greg, Calvin, Marlies, Cottontail, Little Shadow, Nettles, Sunflower, Phlox, Moxie, Boomerang, La Di Dah , Mi Lady, Journey, Quest, Kindred, Friendship, Edgar, Zelda, Gerald, Kathleen, Stef, Ezra, Gail, Jonathan, Stewart, Erica, Carrie, Miranda, Gina, Sticky Toffee, Blueberry Pudding, Bumbleberry Pie, Popping Candy, Fairy Bread, Ice Pop, Garibaldi, Battenberg, Big Brother, Baby Sister, Nana, Grandad, Shrub, Sapling, Smork, Grin, Nod, Cat Nap, Sweet Dreams, Snooze, The Magic Hat, Magician's Nephew, Mr Twist, Artful Dodger, The Money Box Hat, The Emerald City Hat, Wizard, Hurley Burley, Hub Bub, Rumpus, Newton, Einstein & Galileo

Charlie Bears Secrets Collection : 

As an official Charlie Bears Paw Store we also hope to receive some of Charlie Bears Secrets Collection pieces throughout the year however this is subject to availability from Charlie Bears. We are therefore unable to take pre-orders or Wish Lists for any of the Secrets Collection characters as we can not order them and are not guaranteed of receiving them all. 

Isabelle Collection : Whilst many of our pre-orders allocations for this collection are full, as per our Pre-Order terms and conditions :)

We have allocated some of the Isabelle Collection Characters to our online store. These will be listed for sale as they arrive throughout the year and sold on a first come first served basis. To be fair on everyone no Wish Lists will be taken or preferential treatment given to anyone for our Isabelle Store Stock. 

We hope by doing this we can keep everyone's hopes and chances alive of stumbling across a most wanted bear throughout the year.

Paw Store Exclusive Collection Bears

As an official Paw Store we will also receive Charlie's Paw Store exclusive bears throughout the year. These are not made available for pre-order as we never know exactly how many we are going to receive.