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Lovely Bears are happy to confirm we have ordered all of the following bears who are still to come & will be listed for sale as they arrive throughout 2020.

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Charlie Bears Bearhouse Collection

Lollygag, Kiddiewink, Caesar, Thaw. 

Charlie Bears Plush Collection

Tomoko, Barret, Jack & Jill, Gone Fishing, Fritz, Finn, Dylan, Minikin, Mischief Maker, Cousin Jack, Miss Daisy, Whitney, Albie, Carousel, Pertwee, Gummidge, Willa, Hunny Bunny, Wendy, Moondance, Lettice, Stargazer, Scraggle, Strudle, Honeybunch, Loveydovey, Tootles, Chunky, Mimic, Miller, Clark, Lord of the Arctic, Crin, Rodger, Denise, Julie, Lisa, Ryder, 

Charlie Bears Secrets Collection

Thingyambob, Whatchamacallit, Bambino, Evelyn, Moritz, Chris, Cheryl, Carson, Clinton,Pia, Marie, Black Forest Gateaux, Snookums,Foster, Snowbaby.


Classic 1920, Classic Teddy Bear brass, Joseph Grizzly Bear,Amadeus Blond Teddy Bear, Tommy, Paddy, Luca, Emilia, Linda, James, Classic 1909, Frederic, Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Light Brown,